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HR Assistance

There are few aspects of running an Academy that don’t have some sort of compliance issue, and human resources is no exception.  In days gone by, schools had resources allocated to making sure that their compliance obligations were met, but with streamlining and cuts, the luxury of a dedicated HR department is well outside the reach of most Academies.  Irrespective of the restrictions this brings, you’re still obliged to stay up to date with the ever-changing legislation and your constantly evolving obligations towards your staff.

Due to the nature of Academies, for example where you have a combination of different types of employee, staffing issues can be even more complex than in some other businesses.  This can make HR a real challenge when you’re running an Academy.  It is for this reason that more and more Academies are choosing to outsource their HR responsibilities, so they can get on with the more important aspects of running their school.

Affordable HR support

Making sure your HR policies and procedures are in good shape is not only essential for the efficient running of your Academy, but will also help you to ensure that you stay well away from unnecessary tribunals.  At UHY WKH we know and understand that your staff is one of your biggest assets, but we also know that the weight of your HR responsibilities can be heavy.  It’s for this reason that we’ve partnered up with Browne Jacobson to provide a first class HR service for Academies.

Our partnership with Browne Jacobson means you have access to a team specialised in Academy HR and legal matters.  Together we bring your Academy:

  • Easy access to a team of HR advisors and employment lawyers.
  • Your own dedicated HR advisor.
  • Unlimited access to online support for your HR and employment issues.

…all at a fixed and affordable fee that won’t break your Academy’s bank.  What’s more, you have one-to-one consultancy available should you require it.

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to:

  • Make sure your HR contracts and procedures are spot on.
  • Introduce performance related pay.
  • Proactively manage sickness absence.
  • Deal with a sensitive problem.

We’re here for you.  We have HR and legal experts from the education sector on hand and waiting to help you make sure your Academy runs like clockwork.

To find out more about our HR Academy packages, why not contact us?  It costs nothing to chat and you may be surprised at how affordable our professional HR support is.

On site training

If you’re in a situation whereby you run an Academy with a dedicated HR team you will be only too aware of the need for ongoing training and support; or if your senior management are keen to keep their finger on the HR pulse, you’ll be interested in relevant and timely information.  Browne Jacobson can provide bespoke training that’s tailored precisely to your Academy’s individual HR needs.

If you’d like to benefit from either our HR outsourcing or our bespoke HR training, why not get in touch for a completely no-obligation chat?