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Academy Payroll

Irrespective of whether you’re setting up a new academy or you’re responsible for the management or administration of an existing academy, payroll is likely to be high on your list of priorities.  Thanks to the different treatments of different members of staff in academies, payroll can be a real burden.  The introduction of Real Time Information, plus the importance of getting payroll right, month-in and month-out means that more and more academies and businesses in general are choosing to outsource their payroll responsibilities.

The benefits of outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing your payroll allows you to pass on your payroll responsibilities to an expert, leaving you to focus on the more important aspects of running your Academy.  In a nutshell, choosing to outsource your payroll to the UHY WKH academies payroll team means you are:

Confident that the job is being done well – When you choose to outsource your payroll, you can relax in the knowledge that your Academy payroll responsibilities and requirements are being met, without the need to draw on in-house resources.

Drawing on the experience of the experts – By working with a payroll expert, you can be sure that they are up to date with the ever-changing legislation that affects both the execution and reporting of your Academy payroll activities.

Assured that your payroll reporting is accurate – Once you’ve defined and agreed your Academy reporting requirements, you have the peace of mind that your reports will be provided timeously and in line with your requirements and the requirements of HMRC.

Enjoying real value for money – Outsourcing your Academy payroll normally provides greater value for money than employing someone of similar standing to do the job in-house.  Choosing to outsource to UHY WKH gives you access to industry experts on a needs-only basis.

Getting your payroll right

At UHY WKH we understand the importance of getting your payroll spot on and because of this we have developed a managed payroll service specifically to meet your needs and commitments as an Academy.  Our highly professional and experienced team will take on:

  • The importing of your data using our specialist software.
  • Making sure the right grades, scales and salaries are applied to every member of staff.
  • The management of your Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS) as well as your Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) contributions, reporting and returns.
  • The provision of your payslips in either paper or e-format.
  • The reporting you need to keep your finger on your payroll pulse.
  • Your Real Time Information reporting.

Our payroll team

Our specialist Academy payroll team has years of experience and is headed up by experts who have specialised in the education sector, which means they are equipped and ready to take on your Academy payroll responsibilities.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of outsourcing your Academy payroll to a team of experts, why not get in touch?  It costs nothing to chat and you may be surprised at how cost effective the outsourcing of this important task can be.